24 hour smile protection

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Dec 18
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A new way of looking after your teeth
White Glo’s Night & Day

We all tailor our beauty regimes to the specific needs of our skin dependent on our skin type, the time of day and changing weather conditions. We wouldn’t use the same moisturiser on our skin for night and day, so why do we only use one toothpaste?

White Glo, Australia’s leading whitening toothpaste brand, has jumped to our aid and is introducing a new oral care beauty regime. It is launching two new revolutionary toothpastes that will change the way we brush our teeth forever. The toothpastes are specially formulated to address the distinctly different oral care needs during the day and night.

The NightGel with Green Tea antioxidants freshens and revitalises the mouth to reduce morning breath and protect the teeth during the night. The revolutionary Day Toothpaste incorporates all the White Glo expertise to whiten, shine and polish the teeth to protect them for the rest of the day.

The Micro-Wax Protective Shield technology helps to repel stains from forming on the tooth enamel which means your teeth are left looking shinier and glossier. Also included in the pack is a unique Flosser Toothbrush which removes debris, distributes the Night Gel evenly across the teeth and also gently lifts any coating on the tongue which if not removed will directly contribute to halitosis.
For complete 24 hour whitening protection you need to follow the steps of the new oralcare regime by combining the use of the Day Toothpaste with the new Night Gel.

So join the oralcare revolution and say hello to whiter, shinier and healthier teeth.
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