On-the-go with White Glo

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Nov 06
White Glo
White Glo, Australia’s No.1* whitening toothpaste has created a small but perfectly formed travel kit. The White Glo Traveller’s Pack is cabin compatible and features a travel size Professional Choice toothpaste, a unique White Glo anti-stain toothbrush and a pack of the dental flosser toothpicks.

Presented in a smart, slim-line clear travel pack, this is an ideal choice for business travelers, backpackers or for a city break escape. The inclusion of the White Glo toothbrush is perfect for travel as the ‘High & Dry’ suction cap feature is a patented design that allows the toothbrush to be stuck onto mirrors or tiles after brushing so keeping it away from contamination. The extra condensed bristles on each brush head give 38% more bristles than ordinary toothbrushes so enabling superior whitening results. Each pack also comes with a complimentary handy pocket size packet of dental floss toothpicks.

White Glo was originally formulated for actors and models and utilises micro-polishing particles that effectively lifts stains and discolouration.

*White Glo Professional Choice was rated most effective whitening toothpaste by an Australian Consumer Association Trial in January 2005

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