White Glo products are suitable for Vegans & are not tested on animals

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May 21
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Consumers’ ability to find information has increased significantly over the past decade. No doubt the Internet has been the driving factor in this – it is now very easy to get someone else’s opinion on a company, brand, or product. Email has also made it very easy to get in direct contact with a company and find out what they have to say for themselves.


Two topics that White Glo is oftentimes emailed about are whether our products are Vegan friendly, and whether our products are ever tested on animals. We are happy to say that White Glo is indeed suitable for Vegans! Notably, our toothpastes use 100% natural ingredients derived from plants for flavouring. In fact, in late April White Glo supported the ILOVEVEGANS Festival in Melbourne, Victoria by sending out some products to the organisers to give out freely to festival-goers.


Secondly, White Glo is strictly against animal testing and cruelty to animals. We do not, nor have ever tested any of our finished products on animals! We can also confirm to the same degree that our ingredients suppliers test on animals either.


As always, if you have any more questions about these topics, or alternatively any other comments or questions, feel free to contact our Customer Service at customer.enquiry@whiteglo.com

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