Whitening Accessories

Whitening Accessories
Whitening Accessories
Checkout out our full range of teeth whitening accessories. When used in conjunction with White Glo toothpastes and teeth whitening kits, these helpful dental products can successfully whiten your teeth and remove yellowing or discolouration.

White Glo Professional Whitening Gum

Get that just brushed feeling throughout the day  

White Glo Professional Whitening Gum helps to incorporate the benefits of teeth whitening and oral care protection throughout the day. Food and drinks consumed during the day causes bacteria and plaque to build up. Chewing White Glo Professional Whitening Gum will help to neutralise food acids and plaque build up and improve your overall oral health.     White Glo Professional Whitening Gum incorporates White Glo’s Micro Wax Shield® to prevent any further staining on tooth enamel through the day. The sugar free gum is formulated to reduce tooth decay and cavities, and with regular use, will help to improve oral health. For best results we recommend to chew after every meal or beverage consumed. 


  • Clean Mint flavour
  • Sugar Free
  • Whiter Teeth, Healthier Mouth 
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