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White Glo products are currently achieving extremely high sales with a growth rate unmatched by other brands. 


White Glo has grown to have a strong consumer base, becoming one of the leaders in the Australian marketplace. This is unprecedented success in the oral care industry. White Glo’s philosophy is to give best value to customers together with innovative bonus features and the highest possible quality.  


White Glo’s dedication to Research and Development has resulted in the brands unrivalled acceptance at consumer and trade level both in Australia and overseas. White Glo’s new products and innovative ideas are often seen as a model and yardstick for others to follow 


Why White Glo Products Sell Better Than Others? 

White Glo’s commitment to developing the best formulations for innovative and effective products is the key driving factor for the markets fascination with White Glo. The effectiveness of our products is evidenced in the result ranking White Glo Professional Choice toothpaste as the number 1 most satisfied customers in a Canstar Review 2019.


Free Bonus Gift With Every Product  

White Glo strongly believes in winning customers at point of sale. Our experience tells us this is the best marketing strategy. By offering incentives such as a free bonus gifts in every pack the consumer base will expand rapidly due to the value for money effect. Imagine a consumer standing in front of the supermarket shelf, facing dozens of different toothpastes and mouthwash products. Which one will draw his or her attention? Which one will he or she most likely buy? The answer is always the one with the new unique selling point - the one with a free bonus gift that works in conjunction with the main purchase. This offers the optimal value for money. After the initial purchase, the consumer has tried the product and appreciates it as well as the free bonus gift. They become repeat customers and then word of mouth will follow and sales takes off rapidly.


Best Quality At Very Competitive Prices

White Glo products are of the best quality which is reflected by their unique formulation and state of the art packaging. Strict manufacturing and quality control procedures are in place to ensure this. White Glo's tireless dedication in developing new products gives a Sole Agent an ongoing advantage in the marketplace as a market leader in the oral care industry.


Brilliant Advertising Ideas And Support

White Glo can support you with proven advertising material, TV clips and artwork to make your advertising planning much easier and more effective.


Brilliant Advertising Ideas And Support

We prefer to deal with experienced and successful companies who already have a mature distribution network, servicing supermarkets, drug stores, department stores and pharmacies and have a sound trading history. Companies which are currently handling similar personal care product lines will be considered to have an advantage.


If you are interested or would like to learn more about White Glo for export/trade purposes email - info@whiteglo.com We thank you for your interest and look forward to discussing this mutually beneficial opportunity with you.

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White glo was rated number 1 against all major brands by Canstar Blue in 2019.


High Brand Loyalty/Customer Appeal

4-out-of-5 Australian customers say they intend to purchase White Glo after sampling the White Glo Professional Choice Toothpaste. White Glo's appealing design and premium packaging material delivers high impact point of sales branding.


Superior Product Quality

White Glo manufactures the products under the strictest quality control to ensure the highest standards.


Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing allowing great margin and profits to all agents and retailers. Fantasitc retail price point.


Excellent Support

White Glo offers the highest support and industry know-how to agents in order to successfully launch and grow the brand in foreign markets.


Innovative Products

White Glo brings out new product to market before competitors awarding agents with greater opporunities and hiher profits.


Exciting Brand

Introducing White Glo to your market will add an innovative & exciting brand to an often stagnant grocery category. White Glo provides the brand values customers seek in this category.

 White Glo was rated number 1 against all major brands by Canstar Blue in 2019.