Discount Family Packs

We have put together two great family packs that offer real value for money. Each pack is designed to provide your family with a 12 month supply of our essential oral care products. By incorporating these whitening products into your daily routine, you will achieve a whiter and brighter smile within a matter of weeks. The White Glo online shop allows you to buy direct from the manufacturer and receive a saving of up to 44% on the usual retail prices.
Get The Glo Discount Pack | 12 Month Supply
This family pack provides you with all the essential products needed for a truly whiter smile. It includes an assortment of 18 White Glo Toothpastes (each with a toothbrush and flosser picks), 8 Night and Day Toothpastes, 2 Express Whitening Systems, 4 Extreme Whitening Pens and Strips, 6 convenient Travel Packs and 6 boxes of the Flerxible Dental Flosser Toothpicks. All bundled up with a 37% discount on our retail prices.
Oral Care Family Pack  | 12 Month Supply
The White Glo Oral Care pack includes a 12 month supply for the whole family. We have bundled all of our essential products into a cost effective pack that will be delivered to your door. With an assortment of 24 whitening toothpastes, 6 separate boxes of our handy dental flosser toothpicks and 6 convenient travel packs, this pack contains everything your family needs to achieve the perfect Hollywood smile (44% retail discount)
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