Discount Family Packs

Discount Family Packs
White Glo family packs are tailored to provide your familty with all of our best loved products at a huge discount. Each packs contain whitening toothpaste, teeth bleaching kits, toothbrushes and flossers tooth picks. Eliminate the need for heavy grocery bags and by purchasing a years supply of White Glo direct from the manufacturer.
Discount Family Packs
We have put together two great family packs that offer real value for money. Each pack is designed to provide your family with a 12 month supply of our essential oral care products. By incorporating these whitening products into your daily routine, you will achieve a whiter and brighter smile within a matter of weeks. The White Glo online shop allows you to buy direct from the manufacturer and receive a saving of up to 44% on the usual retail prices.

Oral Care Family Pack | 12 Month Supply

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This family pack is all about big savings and convenience. We have bundled togoether an assortment of our most popular whitening toothpastes with 6 handy travel packs and dental floss pickers to provide you with a 12 month supply of all the essential teeth whitening products. Save yourself time and money with a single pack delivered conveniently to your door.
1 pack

Each family pack contains

  • 24 x White Glo Toothpaste with Toothbrush (150gm)
  • 6 x Flexible Dental Flosser Toothpicks
  • 6 x Travellers Pack

$99.95 saving

 save $79 with the White Glo Oral Care Family Pack