Whitening Accessories

Whitening Accessories
Whitening Accessories
Checkout out our full range of teeth whitening accessories. When used in conjunction with White Glo toothpastes and teeth whitening kits, these helpful dental products can successfully whiten your teeth and remove yellowing or discolouration.

Flexible Dental Flosser Toothpicks


White Glo Flexible Dental Flosser Toothpicks are specially developed to clear food particles and plaque between teeth effectively. Use it after every meal to ensure best oral hygiene. Used regularly, you and your dentist will notice your improved oral health, potentially saving you costly and unpleasant dental procedures.

Each pack contains 50 toothpicks PLUS bonus convenient pocket size pack

  • Safety rounded tip to prevent damage to gums
  • Unique zig zag edges removes plaque effectively
  • Flexible stem to access hard to reach areas
  • 18 tiny bristles flosses away plaque and food particles
1 pack
($3.95 p/unit)
6 pack
($2.99 p/unit)
12 pack
($2.75 p/unit)