Teeth Whitening Systems

Teeth Whitening Systems
Teeth Whitening Systems
White Glo Teeth Bleaching Systems are developed to achieve the most attractive smile possible. Bringing together the latest technologies and the highest quality ingredients, the range of White Glo Teeth Bleaching Systems utilises the same enamel-safe whitening ingredients used by dentists for the ultimate whitening results. The advanced teeth whitening formula in the White Glo Bleaching System penetrates stains and whitens discolourations that are imbedded below the surface of the teeth leaving teeth truly whiter and brighter. Our teeth whitening pens and strips provide a convenient and effective alternative.

Dual Treatment Whitening System

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White Glo Dual Treatment Teeth Whitening System offers you an opportunity to create the best kind of smile – the Hollywood smile – in the comfort of your own home. The White Glo patented teeth enamel bleaching and polishing method is a recognised dental technique, which has been proven safe and effective. White Glo products are used by thousands of people all over the world. This is the most convenient and cost effective solution to get a professionally whiten smile.

This is the only system to whiten the dentists way – by lifting stains first before bleaching. The “Electric Stainlifting” treatment erases stains leaving your teeth sparkling clean. The “whitening treatment” incorporates White Glo “Micro Pockets” technology to lighten discolouration from tooth enamel.

  • The ultimate in teeth whitening
  • Dual Treatment – Stain Lifting and Teeth Whitening
  • The only system to replicate the process used by dentists
  • Professional Bleaching & Professional Polishing
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